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[insert Hella cool header image here 8D;]

My Multi-Fandom Muse Box for times when I need it. This place gives all of my characters their own home, so in a way, it IS their please be respectful.

Membership is open for now but moderated.

~Please make sure that all posts are tagged~

1.) Obvious rule is obvious: Please, no godmodding, no threadjacking, no harassment, no deleting threads with comments [without other player's consent].

2.) Make sure you lock your threads. This place is open for the moment but it's for members only.

3.) Advertising without Admin or Moderator approval will be considered spam and the post will be deleted and the user will be banned.

More rules will be added as needed.
Essentially, don't be a dick and you won't have a problem.

Your Administrator: Jack O'Neill [personal profile] andthencake
AIM SN: BeenAroundtheQ
Email: andthencake[at]yahoo[dot]com
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